March 2015 Quarterly Airway Management Research Update

Originally presented as a live webinar, Dr. Calvin A. Brown, III uses case discussions to introduce the latest published airway research and discusses their impact on clinical practice. Read more..

High vs. Low Tidal Volume Ventilation for Inhalational Burn Injuries in Children

Cheryl Lynn Horton, MD   Some outcomes appeared to be better with high tidal volume ventilation, but this study should not change practice.   To compare the effects of low versus high tidal volume ventilation in pediatric patients with inhalational burns, researchers from a single burn hospital reviewed outcomes for 932 patients with confirmed... Read more..

KARL STORZ C-MAC USB Video Laryngoscope System among EMS World Top Innovation Award Recipients for 2014

KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., announced today that it's C-MAC® S USB Video Laryngoscope System was selected as one of EMS World magazine's Top 20 Innovations for 2014. Products that receive the award are described by the publication as leading examples of how technology, engineering and creativity have been applied in... Read more..

Bedside Transtracheal Ultrasound Accurately Confirms Endotracheal Tube Placement

R. Eleanor Anderson, MD;  Calvin A. Brown, III, MD, FAAEM   In a meta-analysis, transtracheal ultrasound was highly sensitive and specific for detecting tracheal placement during emergency intubation.   In the emergency department (ED), colorimetric or quantitative capnography is the gold standard for confirmation of endotracheal tube placement. Capnography may be unreliable in patients... Read more..

GlideScope VL Improves Success of Urgent Intubation by Critical Care Physicians

Calvin A. Brown, III, MD, FAAEM   In a randomized study, first-attempt intubation success was nearly twice as high with GlideScope video laryngoscopy compared with direct laryngoscopy in intensive care patients.   Use of video laryngoscopy (VL) results in improved glottic views, fewer intubation attempts, and higher intubation success in both operating room and... Read more..

Prehospital/EMS Articles of the Year Selected by

PHARM: Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine ( a blog produced by Dr. Minh Le Cong of Australia, has posted its 2014 Prehospital/EMS Articles of the Year, which includes the following four articles relating to airway management.  Visit for the complete listing of all categories.   Wimalasena Y, Burns B, Reid C,... Read more..

Predicting Difficult Airways: 3-3-2 Rule or 3-3 Rule? March 2015

T Yu, B Want, X J Jin, R R Wu, H Wu, J J He, D Yao, Y H Li Irish Journal of Medical Science 2015 March 5 Background: The goal of this study was to assess the value of the 3-3 rule and the 3-3-1 rule in predicting difficult airways. Methods: The... Read more..