Research Update: Video Laryngoscopy, Peri-intubation Hemodynamic Instability and Ketamine vs. Etomidate

Dr. Calvin Brown discusses recent research related to VL vs. DL, peri-intubation hemodynamic instability, and etomidate vs. ketamine in emergency endotracheal intubation. He offers key take-away lessons, “Calvin’s Critical Concepts”, after each research topic is discussed.

2021 Article of the Year: April’s Peri-intubation Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department: A National Emergency Airway Registry (NEAR) Study

Calvin A Brown III, MD presents four nominees for “2021 Airway Article of the Year.” The nominated articles were chosen from among those featured in the 2021 Quarterly Airway Research Updates. Dr. Brown discusses the merits of each article and the audience votes for the “Airway Article of the Year.”

Research Update: Trauma Intubation, Ramping vs Supine Position, and Airway Anatomy & Laryngeal View

Dr. Calvin Brown discusses recent research on the best type of device for first-pass success in ED intubation of trauma patients, patient positioning (ramped vs supine) during intubation with apneic oxygenation, and engagement of the median glossoepiglottic fold and laryngeal view.


Research Update: Angioedema, Awake Intubation, and the Predicted Difficult Airway

Dr. Calvin Brown discusses recent research related to angioedema in the ED, awake intubation, and the recently updated Canadian Airway Focus Group’s recommendations for the anticipated difficult airway. And of course, Dr. Brown includes key take-away lessons – Calvin’s Critical Concepts.

Research Update: Risk Factors for Peri-intubation Mortality, Bedside Screening for Anatomic Difficulty, and Rocuronium Dosing

Dr. Calvin Brown discusses recent research on risk factors associated with peri-intubation mortality, an easy-to-use bedside screening technique for assessing anatomic difficulty using thyromental height, and rocuronium dosing for emergency RSI.