The Difficult Airway with Recommendations for Management – Part 2 – The Anticipated Difficult Airway, October 2013

Law JA, et al. Can J Anaesth. 2013 Nov;60(11):1119-38.



Appropriate planning is crucial to avoid morbidity and mortality when difficulty is anticipated with airway management. Many guidelines developed by national societies have focused on management of difficulty encountered in the unconscious patient; however, little guidance appears in the literature on how... Read more..

The Difficult Airway with Recommendations for Management — Part 1 — Difficult Tracheal Intubation Encountered in an Unconscious/Induced Patient, October 2013

Law JA, et al. Can J Anaesth. 2013 Nov; 60(11): 1089-118



Previously active in the mid-1990s, the Canadian Airway Focus Group (CAFG) studied the unanticipated difficult airway and made recommendations on management in a 1998 publications.  The CAFG has since reconvened to examine more recent scientific literature on airway management.  the... Read more..

Ketamine – A Narrative Review of Its Uses in Medicine, April 2015

BM Radvansky, S Puri, AN Sifonios, JD Eloy, V Le Am J Ther 2015 Apr 24 Abstract: One of the most fascinating drugs in the anesthesiologist's armament is ketamine, an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist with a myriad of uses. The drug is a dissociative anesthetic and has been used more often as an analgesic... Read more..

How Uncomfortable is High-Flow Oxygen via Nasal Cannula

Daniel J. Pallin, MD,mp H   Normal volunteers tolerated a flow rate of 15L/minute but found it more uncomfortable than 6 L/minute.   A new technique called “apneic oxygenation” is purported to prevent desaturation by delivering high-flow oxygen via nasal cannula to ventilate the lungs passively just before intubation. But could this cause patient... Read more..

Tuesday EMS Tidbits – Airway Management – featuring Dr. Michael F. Murphy and Michael Keller

Link to the Tuesday EMS Tidbits podcast hosted by Bradley Dean, David Blevins, and Eric McCullough. This episode features Dr. Michael F. Murphy and Mr. Michael Keller discussing the difficult airway and how practitioners can overcome these challenging situations. Read more..

“Outside-The-Box” featuring Ron M. Walls, MD – from the Boston Business Journal

The Boston Business Journal recently sat down with Ron M. Walls, founder of The Difficult Airway Course, to talk about his new role as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  Read the complete article here. Read more..

Factors Associated with Desaturation in Pediatric Intubations

<i><strong>Katherine Bakes, MD</strong></i> &nbsp; <i>Longer duration of intubation attempt, but not number of attempts, was associated with desaturation, particularly in children younger than 24 months.</i> &nbsp; In a prior study of pediatric rapid sequence intubation, oxyhemoglobin desaturation (SpO2 <90%) occurred in 33% of 144 children (half younger than 24 months) who underwent 221 intubations... Read more..