September 2015 Quarterly Airway Management Research Update

Originally presented as a live webinar, Dr. Calvin A. Brown, III uses a case discussion to introduce the latest published airway research and discusses their impact on clinical practice. Studies look at Conventional vs Video Laryngoscopy for tracheal tube exchange, Validation of the LEMON mnemonic in prediction of difficult intubation,... Read more..

The i-gel vs. the PRO-Breathe Laryngeal Mask Airway in Children

Calvin A. Brown, III, MD, FAAEM   In anesthetized spontaneously breathing children, leakage volume was greater, device dislodgement was more common, and first-attempt insertion success was lower with the i-gel.   The i-gel is an extraglottic device with a noninflatable cuff made of a flexible gelatinous material. The PRO-Breathe is a silicone-based standard laryngeal... Read more..

McGrath MAC Video Laryngoscope Does Not Provide Adequate Direct Views of the Airway

Calvin A. Brown, III, MD, FAAEM   When used to obtain a direct view — for which it was not designed — the McGrath was associated with more difficult intubation and worse glottic views than a conventional Macintosh laryngoscope.   Video laryngoscopes improve glottic view and first-attempt intubation success compared with direct laryngoscopes. Curved... Read more..