Video Intubating Stylet for Nasotracheal Intubation in Patients with Reduced Mouth Opening

Calvin A. Brown, III, MD, FAAEM   Nasal intubation was quicker and easier with the new intubating stylet than with traditional flexible fiber-optic scopes.   Nasal intubation is required when oral access is limited or nonexistent. Flexible fiber-optic scopes have been the standard tool in this situation, but the technique is challenging and equipment... Read more..

Single-Dose Etomidate and Pediatric Cortisol Levels

Calvin A. Brown, III, MD, FAAEM   In a randomized, double-blink study, a single induction dose of etomidate suppressed postoperative cortisol levels in children, but this has no effect on clinical outcomes.   Etomidate transiently suppresses 11ß-hydroxylase, a key glucocorticoid synthetic enzyme, resulting in temporary reductions in circulating cortisol. A recent meta-analysis found no... Read more..