Shock Index Predicts Hypotension in Patients Induced with Ketamine

Daniel J. Pallin, MD, MPH   An observational study confirms that ketamine can cause hypotension in catecholamine-depleted patients.   Ketamine causes catecholamine release, but when used for rapid sequence intubation (RSI), it generally does not have hemodynamically consequential effects. In a prospective observational study, investigators in Australia evaluated the hemodynamic effects of ketamine in... Read more..

Dexmedetomidine Might Help Liberate Delirious Patients from the Ventilator

Patricia Kritek, MD   Treatment with dexmedetomidine for as long as 1 week shortened delirium duration and mechanical ventilation time by nearly 1 day.   Dexmedetomidine is a sedating α-2 agonist that doesn't impair respiratory drive. In this multicenter study, investigators randomized 74 intensive care unit (ICU) patients with agitated delirium to receive either... Read more..