Ramped Position Not Superior to Sniffing Position for Intubating Critical Care Patients

Richard L. Byyny, MD, MSc, FACEP   In this study of intensive care unit patients, the ramped position did not reduce rates of desaturation, and it increased the difficulty of intubation.   These authors performed a multicenter randomized trial to compare the ramped versus the sniffing position for intubating intensive care unit (ICU) patients.... Read more..


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The Difficult Airway App Version 2.1 Now Available

Airway Management Education Center is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of The Difficult Airway App™ for iPhone. The Difficult Airway App™ is an essential tool for clinicians who manage emergency airways in the Emergency Department, ICU, in-patient unit or EMS environments. This app guides users quickly and... Read more..