International Airway Faculty Formed by SAM and DAS

The Society for Airway Management (SAM) and the Difficult Airway Society (DAS) recently announced the creation of the International Airway Faculty.

Independently, SAM and DAS recognized the need for an advisory body to serve as a clearinghouse, assist in the matching of research resources, facilitate multi-centered trials, assist in the review of research concepts and proposals, and informally appraise grant applications, among other functions.  As SAM began to formulate their plan, they were approached by DAS to join them in a similar endeavor; the International Airway Faculty was the result.  The European Airway Management Society (EAMS) has been invited to participate as well.

Members of the International Airway Faculty include:

SAM Members DAS Members
Dr. Michael Aziz Professor Tak Asai
Dr. Richard Cooper Professor Peter Charters
Dr. Carin Hagberg Professor Tim M. Cook
Dr. Michael Seltz Kristensen Professor Fang Gao
Dr. William Rosenblatt Professor Arpan Guha
Dr. John Sakles Professor John Laffey
Dr. David Wong Mansukh T. Popat
Professor Andrew Smith
Professor Michael YK Wee


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