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“Personalised Airway Management” to be Presented by Johannes M Huitink, MD PhD at Euroanaesthesia Stockholm

The concept of Personalised Airway Management is defined as the most ideal airway management for your patient, at your hospital, with your team, with your experience, with your equipment for that specific procedure within your budget. At this year’s Euroanaesthesia Dr. Huitink will give a lecture explaining this concept including airway management cases from the Netherlands, the Caribbean and Australia where he has worked as an anaesthesiologist. The lecture will focus on tips how to become an airway management expert in your own hospital using basic and advanced techniques in different countries of the world. The equipment and training that may be needed to do so as well as practical tips how to win time for life during airway management crisis and the importance of human factors will be discussed. Click here to read the full article.

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