Airway Management Education Center has partnered with SimVentures (a Laerdal and HealthStream collaboration) to create airway management simulation scenarios.  The first simulation set, Pediatric Airway 1 - Core Principles, is now available on the SimStore.  New airway scenarios will be added regularly.  To find our simulation sets and supporting curricular materials, search under "Airway Management Education Center." When you see The Difficult Airway Course™ logo, you'll know you have the right ones!





Pediatric Airway 1 - Core Principles





More Simulation Resources

Thoracic Anesthesia Bronchoscopy Simulator

Using real-time video, this simulator has been developed to help teach and review bronchoscopic anatomy. With this knowledge, the anesthesiologist can improve upon their lung isolation management skills, leading to improved efficiency and safety.