The Difficult Airway Course™ Seal

What is The Difficult Airway Course Seal?

The Difficult Airway Course seal is a certification mark indicating a specific product is taught in The Difficult Airway Course, the gold standard for airway management education. The seal is licensed for use for one year on product literature, websites, and other marketing collateral.

How can I qualify to use The Difficult Airway Course Seal?

In order to qualify for use of The Difficult Airway Course Seal, your product must meet the following requirements:

  • The product must be designed for use in the management of a patient’s airway or for airway management education.
  • The product must be available for purchase and supported by an appropriate distribution and service network.
  • The product must be taught in at least one educational session of The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency, The Difficult Airway Course: Anesthesia or The Difficult Airway Course: EMS.  To be taught in the course means that the product is present, its use is demonstrated and attendees practice using the product in at least one educational session. Products shown for the sake of comparison only (i.e. those that are not the focus of faculty demonstration or student practice) are not eligible for use of the Certification Mark.
  • Products undergo a rigorous evaluation process before being selected for inclusion in the Courses.   For more information about the selection process, please contact Angela Swain, Director of Course Operations at [email protected]

For information on obtaining a license to use The Difficult Airway Course Seal, please contact Terry T. Steele, Executive Director, at [email protected] or 860-679-9285.

To download a PDF of these requirements, Click Here.