A Nasal Cannula Under the Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Mask?

Daniel J. Pallin, MD, MPH   A crossover trial in healthy volunteers suggests that a nasal cannula does not increase mask leaking significantly.   Research suggests that apneic oxygenation is of benefit during rapid sequence intubation (NEJM JW Emerg Med Sep 2017 and Am J Emerg Med 2017; 35:1184). Apneic oxygenation involves... Read more..

2017 Airway Article of the Year: Driver’s Flush Rate Oxygen for Emergency Airway Preoxygenation

Dr. Calvin A. Brown, III, presents four nominees for “Airway Article of the Year.” The nominated articles were chosen from among those featured in the 2017 Quarterly Airway Research Updates. Dr. Brown discusses the content and merits of... Read more..

Research Update: Preoxygenation, Cricoid Pressure, Pediatrics, and Video Laryngoscopy

Dr. Calvin A. Brown, III discusses the latest published research and its impact on clinical practice; focusing this quarter on cricoid pressure during RSI, cuffed vs. uncuffed pediatric endotracheal tubes, flush rate pre-oxygenation and first pass attempt video... Read more..

Cuffed vs. Uncuffed Tracheal Tubes for Children: Time to Let Go of Old Dogma

Daniel M. Lindberg, MD   In a randomized trial, cuffed tubes had better tidal volumes and less leakage.   Dogma suggests using uncuffed endotracheal tubes for children   These authors compared leakage, ventilation, and complications with cuffed versus uncuffed endotracheal tubes in a randomized trial of 104 children aged ≤16 years undergoing elective surgery at a... Read more..